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Yes, it is 100% safe. We use only a normal natural propagation process. We do not use any black method. Unique IP casting or Real email and works 100% Manually.

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How To Order:

Follow the below mentioned simple steps to order from votesservice.Com


Choose the service by accessing the Voting Services link in the menu bar located at the top of our homepage. Once the service to be ordered is selected by you, click on ‘Buy Now’ button. Ensure that you click the appropriate button for the required number of votes etc.


Make the payment for the service selected.


Once the payment is successful you will be redirected to our contact us page. Share your contest details through contact us form. Alternatively you can email us the instructions at  Allow us to contact you once the above steps are completed. We will revert back quickly and start working on your order.

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Thank you for your hard work! I’m excited about the result 🙂

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Bradley Clemons

Top work as usual. Always on time and always very professional. Thanks

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Jason Contreras

Very happy with the service.


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